Travel Destinations - Tamil Nadu

Are you the one, who is bored of the daily routine of life and wish to get away for a couple of days? Then your wish fulfil here! “Tamil Nadu” which is blessed with tones of culture, ethnicity, naturalness, good markets, adventure sports and exotic food is not only perfect to relax and settle down, but the answer of all your travelling wishes.

So for more information, here Visit TamilNadu present small and user-friendly travel guide of Tamil Nadu which clear all your doubts and convince you to head to Tamil Nadu and book any Tamil Nadu holiday packages right now!

People & Culture

Like most other southern states of India, the main culture in Tamil Nadu is “Dravidian”. Despite its collection of temple richness, Tamil Nadu gives the expansion to southern classical Carnatic Music, classical dance forms like Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi and Poetry.

Tamil is the official language of Tamil Nadu, so almost 80 per cent of population speak Tamil, but being an area with good literacy rates, it is easy for one to travel with English. For more, festivals are a part of the live for local peoples. They celebrate cultural festivals like: Natyanjali Dance Festival (Feb), Mammalapuram Dance festival (mid Jan-Feb), Float Festival (Jan), Pongal (Jan) and many other festivals with full zeal, fanfare, enthusiasm and lot of excitement forgetting all caste and language biases.

As too much to shop in almost every huge town and city of Tamil Nadu, shopping experience in Tamil Nadu is totally successful, with more than 5 to 6 towns have a lot to offer to shoppers like: The capital city of “Chennai” has stalls lined on the footpaths around “Parry's Corner”, “Burma Bazaar” which is stuffed with items such as inexpensive electronic devices, watches and clothing,“Nalli”, one of the famous sari brand stores with floors of ethnic and traditional garments has various branches extent across the city. Despite these there are hyper markets and malls and who wish to buy souvenirs then don't forget to explore all this famous emporiums: Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan, Purbashree Emporium, Poompuhar Tamil Nadu Government Emporium and Central Cottage Industries.

Beside Chennai, “Madurai” is also famous for cotton fabrics with Batik work and Sungundi Saris and “Chidambaram” for Khadi Craft Store. “Mamallapuram” which is a shopper’s heaven for wonderful images of Hindu deities carved on soft stone or wood, decorative shells items, hammocks and other handicraft items.Last but not least don't forget to buy souvenirs, fabrics and toys (made out of wood, shells or bamboo) from “Kanyakumari”.


Be it Tamil specialties, Chinese extravaganza or the Thai and Korean cuisine, Tamil Nadu serves its visitors yummy dishes from the best of the global menus in numerous eateries and restaurants. Covering the list of mouth-watering dishes “Chettinad Cuisine”of Tamil Nadu is one that offers a variety of hot and spicy non-vegetarian plates; Fish, Mutton and Chicken (Chettinad Pepper Chicken) are the specialty.Without the saying of Pongal, Idli, Dosa, Sambar and the “Culinary Cuisine” of Tamil Nadu (steamed rice) the list is totally incomplete. So those who want to taste the typical south Indian delicacies with coconut chutneys and vegetarian dishes must try these dishes that satisfy the taste buds of each and every tourist with equal ease.

Apart from the daily rice meals or special vegetarian thalis, Tamil Nadu is famous for its filter coffee and desserts such as burfis and payasams.